Academic Advising

The criminology and criminal justice studies programs have been designed to allow each student, in consultation with a CCJS faculty advisor, to develop an individualized program of study.  CCJS faculty advisors are full time tenure and tenure-track faculty members.  CCJS majors and minors should meet with their assigned CCJS faculty advisor regularly (at least once every semester) to make sure that they are progressing in their academic programs on schedule.

Before requesting an academic advising meeting with your assigned CCJS faculty advisor, please review your Academic Requirements Report.  You will also find the answers to the questions we get asked the most at the bottom of this page. 

Assigned Advisors

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies assigns CCJS faculty advisors by students’ last name.  For the Fall 2020 semester, the assigned CCJS faculty advisors are as follows:    

  • A-C:  Dr. Emily K. Asencio
  • D-G:  Dr. Bryan Burton
  • H-L:   Dr. Diana Grant
  • M-R:  Dr. Napoleon C. Reyes
  • S-Z:  Dr. Anastasia Tosouni

The department also provides pre-law advising to all SSU students (not just to CCJS major and minors).  Starting in the Fall 2020 semester, Prof. Judith Volkart will serve as the university's Pre-Law Advisor.

Students may also get advising help from professional academic advisors at the university's Advising Central.  Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to contact Derek Bradley for help with GE classes.

Seeing An Advisor

Students can meet with their assigned CCJS faculty advisor for academic advising during their office hours or schedule an appointment on a different day or time.  Note that CCJS faculty advisors are not available for academic advising during finals week and during the summer and winter breaks.

Important Update: The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies has transitioned to remote services for Fall 2020.  CCJS faculty advisors are available for academic advising by email or Zoom during their office hours.

Advisor Office Hours for Fall 2020
CCJS Faculty Advisor Office Office Hours
Working Remotely Tuesday
10:00-12:00pm by appointment only
Working Remotely
Tuesday & Thursday 
Or by appointment
Working Remotely
Or by appointment
Working Remotely
Monday & Tuesday
10:00am - 1:00pm
Working Remotely
Monday & Wednesday 
SSU Pre-Law Advisor
Working Remotely



Group Advising

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies holds a general meeting for CCJS majors and minors at the start of each semester.  The department makes important announcements at the general meeting, including the schedule of department activities for the semester, the deadlines for submission of Graduation Application and Internship Agreement Form, the registration schedule for the next semester, and changes in the assignment of CCJS faculty advisors.  The department announces the schedule of the general meeting at the start of the semester and we strongly encourage all CCJS majors and minors to attend.

The department also conducts group advising sessions before the start of registration week to help CCJS majors and minors plan for the next semester.  The group advising session is designed to complement the one-on-one academic advising meeting with a CCJS faculty advisor.  CCJS majors and minors should still meet with their assigned CCJS faculty advisor at least once every semester to make sure that they are progressing their academic programs on schedule.