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Updating Academic Requirements Report

I have already completed all my CCJS major core requirements, but my Academic Requirements Report still shows that I still have remaining requirements (in red). How do I get my Academic Requirements Report updated?

If there is any error in your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) related to your major or minor requirements, you need to meet with your assigned CCJS faculty advisor who will fill out an Academic Requirements Report Update Form. (If the error in your ARR is related to your general education requirements, you need to fill out a GE Substitution Form instead.).

Your assigned CCJS faculty advisor will review your ARR and other relevant records to verify that your ARR needs to be updated.  If your assigned CCJS faculty advisor agrees that your ARR needs to be updated, she will fill out and sign the form.  Once the Registrar’s Office has reviewed and approved the form, the updated information will appear on your ARR.