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Fall Class Schedule

Fall 2024 Class Schedule
DeptNoSecGETitleUnitsTeaching ModeDaysStart TimeEnd TimeRoomInstructor
105084CCJS201001GEDLCrim Justice and Public Policy3.00FACE-TO-FACEW01:00 PM03:40 PMSTEV 1201Henry
115784CCJS276001GEC1Classics in Crime Cinema3.00FACE-TO-FACEMW4:00 PM5:15 PMSTEV 1300Burton
113112,51,84CCJS330001 Law & Society4.00FACE-TO-FACETH01:00 PM04:40 PMSALZ 1018BHenry
12368,84CCJS350001 Drugs and Society4.00FACT-TO-FACEMW10:00 AM11:50 AMSTEV 1101Vigorito
10432,12,84CCJS370001 Seminar in Research Methods (WIC)4.00FACE-TO-FACEMW1:00 PM2:50 PMSTEV 1203Grant
115812,51,84CCJS375001 Curr Iss in CCJS: Comp. Criminal Justice Systems4.00FACE-TO-FACETTH03:00 PM04:50 PMSALZ 2019Burton
12238,78CCJS377001 Legal Reasoning4.00SYNCMW01:00 PM02:50 PMSYNCSinrod
10442,12,84CCJS407001 Police,Courts&Commnty Relatns4.00FACE-TO-FACEM06:00 PM09:40 PMSTEV 1102Hooper
10452,12,84CCJS420001 Seminar in Criminology/WIC4.00FACE-TO-FACEMW10:00 AM11:50 AMWINE 1003Burton
26508,51,78CCJS430001 Gender & Crime4.00FACE-TO-FACET05:00 PM08:40 PMSALZ 1018BTosouni
10462,8,12,84CCJS450001 Punishments and Corrections4.00FACE-TO-FACEW05:00 PM08:40 PMSTEV 1101Henry
11472,12,84CCJS470001 Media,Crime,&Criminal Justice4.00FACE-TO-FACETTH10:00 AM11:50 AMSTEV 1101Moussavi
10472,8,12,84CCJS489001 Civil Liberties & Constitution4.00FACE-TO-FACETH06:00 PM09:40 PMSTEV 1202Henry
10482,15,27,84CCJS490001 Sr Sem in CCJS/WIC4.00FACE-TO-FACETTH10:00 AM11:50 AMSTEV1205Grant
10492,8,12,84CCJS497001 Juvenile Justice4.00FACE-TO-FACEMW03:00 PM04:50 PMSALZ 2013Bullock
11123,12,51,71,84CCJS499001 Internship4.00FACE-TO-FACEARRARRARRTBATosouni


2 - Majors Only
8 - Cross-listed Class
12 - Open to JR and SR Only
15 - Consent of Dept. Required
27 - Open to Seniors Only
51 - CCJS Majors and Minors Only
71 - Contract Courses
78 - Online Synchronous
84 - Face-to-Face Class

Cross-listed Courses

CCJS 377/Phil 377/POLS 377
CCJS 489/POLS 424
CCJS 497/SOCI 366