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Lower Division Classes for Freshmen and Sophomores

I am a freshman (or sophomore) at Sonoma State University majoring in criminology and criminal justice studies.  What classes should I take?

You should focus on completing your general education requirements within your first two years at Sonoma State University.  Review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) to find out your applicable GE pattern.  Take the minimum number of units required for every GE area/subarea.  If possible, avoid taking more units than required -- it might take you longer to complete your degree program if you do so.

You may take CCJS 201 (Criminal Justice and Public Policy) -- a major core requirement for CCJS majors -- either in your first year or second year.  This course presents a systematic analysis of the effectiveness and influence of criminal justice policy and practice throughout the criminal justice system, and serves as a good introduction to the criminology and criminal justice studies program. It is also a lower division GE course that satisfies GE Area D (Subarea D1) requirement.

Remember not to take upper division GE courses (300-499) until the semester you reach junior status (60 units).  Also, try to make one of your natural science classes satisfy the laboratory requirement and try to make one of your GE classes satisfy the Critical Race/Ethnic Studies requirement.

The Sample Four-Year Program provides suggestions that can help you in choosing your classes, but it is best to consult with your assigned CCJS faculty advisor to make sure that you course plan meets your personal goals.  Our B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies program has been designed to allow each student, in consultation with a CCJS faculty advisor, to develop an individualized program of study.