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What Is the Academic Requirements Report

My advisor told me to review my Academic Requirements Report before our advising meeting.  What is the Academic Requirements Report?  Where can I find it?

The Academic Requirements Report (ARR) is an online report that provides a real-time overview of a student’s academic record and their degree requirements, using symbols to indicate which of those requirements are completed, in-progress, and outstanding. The ARR is reflective of applicable coursework completed at Sonoma State University, relevant units from a student’s Transfer Credit Report, and, in some instances, approved petitions the student has filed with Admissions & Records. Before a student can graduate, all requirements listed on the ARR must be checked as completed.

To access your ARR:

  1. Log on to MySSU.
  2. Click on Student Center on the left side of the screen.
  3. Under Academics, use the drop down menu to select Academic Requirements.

It is important that you review your ARR regularly to make sure that you are progressing in your academic program on schedule.