An exploration of selected criminal justice topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. Themes and topics may vary. May be repeated for credit.

The supervised study of a particular problem or area of interest selected by the student in consultation with a sponsoring faculty member. Regular meetings will be arranged for discussions and progress evaluations, and a term paper is required. May be repeated for credit up to 8 units.

An exploration of the nature and extent of juvenile delinquency, including serious or violent crime. The major theories of delinquency causation are reviewed. The course will be devoted to the juvenile justice system and how it processes youths accused of crime. The nature and function of all major segments of the juvenile justice system will be discussed, including law enforcement, juvenile court, and corrections. The legal rights of juveniles will also be reviewed. Finally, the current policy issues in juvenile justice will be explored. Cross-listed as SOCI 366.

In consultation with the internship coordinator, the students selects a public, private, or community agency; gains field experience under the supervision of agency heads; and meets with the internship coordinator to discuss progress. Cr/NC only. May be repeated for a total of 8 units.