B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies

Each undergraduate student at Sonoma State University must complete a minimum of 120 units to graduate. The Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies consists of the following requirements:

B.A. in CCJS Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements Units
General Education (48, 4 units in major) 44
Major Core Requirements 40
CCJS Electives 8
Criminal Justice and/or Social Science Electives (chosen under advisement)  12
General Electives 16


CCJS majors must consult with their assigned CCJS faculty advisor before taking any CCJS course.  CCJS majors must receive a C- or better in all CCJS major core requirements and CCJS electives.

Major Core Requirements

CCJS majors must complete 40 units of major core requirements.  The following are the major core requirement courses:

B.A. in CCJS Major Core Requirements

Major Core Requirements Units
CCJS 201 - Criminal Justice and Public Policy 4
CCJS 420 - Seminar in Criminology 4
CCJS 450 - Punishments and Corrections 4
CCJS 490 - Senior Seminar in CCJS1 4
CCJS 497 - Juvenile Justice 4
CCJS 499 - Internship2 4
1Must be taken in the final semester.
2May be waived for students currently or previously employed in a criminal justice or related field, but must be substituted with another 4-unit CCJS elective.

CCJS Electives

CCJS majors must complete 8 units of CCJS electives. The following is a list of CCJS elective courses (the department’s elective offerings vary every semester):

B.A. in CCJS Elective Requirements (CCJS Electives)

CCJS Electives Units
CCJS 340 - Law Enforcement and Drug Legislation 4
CCJS 350 - Drugs and Society 4
CCJS 375 - Current Issues in CCJS1 4
CCJS 399 - Lecture Series2 2
CCJS 407 - Police, Courts, and Community Relations3 4
CCJS 430 - Women and Crime3 4
CCJS 441 - Deviant Behavior 4
CCJS 470 - Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice3 4
CCJS 480 - White Collar Crime3 4
1Course topic varies every semester; may be repeated for credit.
2May be repeated for a total of 4 units. 
3Counted toward CCJS electives if CCJS major core requirement has been satisfied.

Criminal Justice and/or Social Science Electives

CCJS majors must complete 12 units of criminal justice and/or social science electives.  Courses taken to meet this requirement must be selected in consultation with assigned CCJS faculty advisor.

Criminal Justice (CJ) or Administration of Justice (AJ) units from other institutions may be applied to this requirement, except Life Experience and Criminal Investigation courses.  Upper division GE in social sciences (i.e. ANTH, GEP, GLBL, HIST, POLS, PSY, SOCI, and WGS) may also be applied to this requirement.