Graduates With Distinction for Spring 2021

8 CCJS Students Receive Graduate With Distinction Honor
May 21, 2021

CCJS Spring 2021 Graduates With Distinction

Danielle Caballero

Trevor Eichman

Manuela Gonzalez-Antonio

Zachary Harkins

Kaory Hernandez

Carmen Martinez

Jared Rebizzo

Megan Williams

Eight CCJS students received the Graduate With Distinction honor from the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies.  The honor is bestowed by the department on graduating CCJS students who have exhibited academic excellence and outstanding service to the department, the university, or the community.  It will be noted on the students' official SSU transcript of records and diploma and will appear in the commencement ceremony program.  The students are also entitled to wear a special Graduate With Distinction honor cord as part of their graduation regalia.  

The following are the CCJS students who received the Graduate With Distinction honor this Spring 2021:

  1. Caballero, Danielle
  2. Eichman, Trevor
  3. Gonzalez-Antonio, Manuela
  4. Harkins, Zachary
  5. Hernandez, Kaory
  6. Martinez, Carmen
  7. Rebizzo, Jared
  8. Williams, Megan